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Who we are

ABA international trade is a leading company in importing and distributing a wide variety of ingredients to serve pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and industrial chemical fields, with almost 28 years experience of continuous improvement and expansion.


ABA is a leading distributor of specialty food and nutrition ingredients in Europe, and Africa.

Provides specialty nutritional and functional ingredients which can be used to enrich and extend the integrity of many edible items in a variety of end use applications. We offer much more than products. We offer solutions.



ABA provides the highest quality active ingredients and excipients to the Pharmaceutical industry supported by full documentation, in compliance with regulatory requirements of suppliers and in accordance with Good Distribution Practice.

ABA enhances our offerings with in-house technical and regulatory expertise and a level of service that truly adds value to your purchase.

We've partnered with world-class suppliers of excipients to help deliver a quality service covering regulatory and quality matters, excipient performance and functionality - so you always get the right excipient for your needs. Our team of scientists and technical sales specialists regularly undergo training in the latest excipients and process technology. This allows them to understand your requirements, the equipment you use and how to use our suppliers' excipients to the optimum level. We provide a technical service, right up to complete formulation development, so that you can bring your ideas and products to market quickly and robustly. And in partnership with our suppliers, we can also offer extensive educational, workshop and seminar opportunities to your R&D groups at our locations or in your own laboratory and operating areas. In essence, we'll work with you to meet your technical requirements and stay alongside you as you develop your capabilities and product pipeline.

Supplements and Sports Nutrition :

Constantly strive towards: 

★ High quality products
★ Professional support
★ Total solution for pharmaceutical , food  and nutrition manufacturers
★ Reasonable price
★ Credible friendly cooperation

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how ABA can become a partner in your supply chain solution.

We are confident that our ingredients will bring you success!

Mission and Values

ABA  international trade mission is to add maximum value to the purchase of specialty ingredients.

We do this by searching the globe for the latest and best in ingredient innovations, thereby arming our clients with the tools to develop truly outstanding foods, beverages and natural health products that consumers will enjoy and consume time and time again.

Practice integrity

We believe that honesty is the best policy.  We operate with high ethical and moral standards at all times, and we are fully transparent in our communications with clients, supply partners, associates and employees.

Cultivate leadership

We promote growth of our people. We empower them with the knowledge and resources to get results for our clients and supplier partners, and to help our business to flourish.  We firmly believe in a proper work/life balance for our staff.

Value our client

We find practical and effective means to meet the needs of our client in every interaction. We measure our success by that of our customers.

Support diversity

We promote an environment where people are valued and rewarded on the basis of their efforts and ideas, without regard for their race, gender or creed.


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